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  • Software Development Automotive ECU
    Design and implementation of memory protection in an ASIL-D ECU (steering).
    • Configuration of AUTOSAR software, especially OS and RTE
    • Partitioning and linker scripts
    • Adaptations to application software
    • Tests and necessary adaptations (TrustedFunctions etc.)
    Hardware: Aurix TC23X, iSystem Debugger, FlexRay
    Software: C (Tasking), QAC, Doxygen, winIDEA, PTC, Vector Microsar OS, DaVinci Developer, Daimler SLP10 Standard Software Stack AUTOSAR 3.2.2, git, Polarion

  • ECU Software Development Automotive Supplier
    Development of ASIL software for a platform ECU.
    • Software architecture, AUTOSAR
    • OS-Configuration, memory protection, timing protection multicore support (for 2nd/3rd gen.)
    • Design and implementation memory protected RTE incl. multicore support
    • Environment for separately linked SWCs
    • Integration Infineon SafeTcore
    • Net run-time measurements, schedulability
    • SafeFlexrayHandler, end-to-end protection
    • Design and implementation ASIL-D Safe WatchdogManager
    • Design and implementation ASIL-D temperature monitoring
    Hardware: Tricore TC1791, Trace32, FlexRay, Aurix TC27x (for 2nd gen.), Aurix TC29x (for 3rd gen.)
    Software: C (Tasking), AUTOSAR 3.2, DaVinci, Rapita Vector Microsar OS, Etas RTA-OS (for 2nd gen.), Elektrobit AutoCore SafetyOS (3rd gen.), Rhapsody, IMS/MKS/PTC, QAC

  • ASIL-SW Automotive ECU
    Software development functional safety of an ASIL ECU (electric motor).
    • Review of the safety concept
    • Architecture and development of ASIL software
    • Documentation and debugging
    Hardware: Infineon Tricore TC1797 (PCP), Lauterbach Trace32
    Software: C (Tasking), QAC, Doxygen

  • AUTOSAR driver development
    Development of an AUTOSAR driver for hardware-accelerated cryptography.
    • Software design and implementation
    • Requirements-engineering
    • Testing and documentation
    Hardware: Freescale Bolero, Lauterbach Trace32
    Software: C (DiabData, WindRiver), Tresos

  • Software Development Automotive ECU
    Consulting and software development for a family of automotive ECUs.
    • Consulting and architecture.
    • Design and development of low-level software (actuators, communication layer, flash bootloader).
    • Error analysis, reviews, development and debugging.
    Hardware: Infineon Tricore TC1766, Lauterbach Trace32, CAN
    Software: C (Tasking), CANalyzer, CANoe, CANape, GENy, OSEK

  • Development of prototype software for Automotive ECU
    Development of low-level software for a drivetrain ECU.
    • Development and integration of hardware-drivers
    • Adaptation of the communication-layer (CAN, XCP, UDS-Diagnostics, flash bootloader)
    Hardware: Freescale S12X, Lauterbach Trace32, CAN
    Software: C (Metrowerks), CANalyzer, CANape, OSEK

  • ECU Software Development Automotive Supplier
    Emergency software development for an automotive supplier:
    • Porting flash bootloaders to new OEM.
    • Integration of communication layer (CAN-driver, UDS diagnostics, XCP, network-management).
    • Review and debugging.
    Hardware: Freescale MPC5533, Lauterbach Trace32, CAN
    Software: C (DiabData), CANalyzer, CANoe, CANape, GENy, OSEK

  • ECU Software Development Automotive Supplier
    Several software projects for chassis/suspension ECUs:
    • Development and integration of low-level software (drivers, communication layer, diagnostics)
    • Porting software (especially CAN-communication, diagnostics, bootloader) for a different OEM.
    • Error analysis, review, development and debugging
    Hardware: Freescale S12 + S12X, Lauterbach Trace32, CAN
    Software: C (Metrowerks), CANalyzer, CANape, CANoe, CANdela, CANgen, GENy, OSEK

  • Development of an assembler, linker and interpreter
    Development of an assembler, linker and interpreter for a customer-specific target architecture.
    • Project management
    • Analysis of the target architecture
    • Development of backends for components of our toolchain
    • Software-architecture of the interpreter
    • Testing, documentation and delivery of the software
    Software: C (GNU), Windows, customer-specific machine language

  • ECU Software Development Automotive Supplier
    Short participation for the kick-off of the software development for an automotive ACU.
    • OSEK-Architecture
    • Initial start-up StandardCore
    Hardware: Freescale S12X, Flexray
    Software: C (Metrowerks), OSEK, BMW StandardCore

  • Software-Design/-Architecture Automotive Supplier
    Design of software-architecture, OSEK-architecture and design-guidelines for an automotive ECU (body electronics).
    • Architecture/design, especially regarding OSEK/AUTOSAR.
    • Design-guidelines.
    • Presentations
    • Consulting

  • Software-Development Automotive ECU
    Consulting and software-development for an automotive ECU (swivelling headlamps).
    • Code-Reviews
    • C-Programming
    • Debugging
    Hardware: NEC V850, ICE, CAN
    Software: C (GreenHills MULTI), Assembler, OSEK, CANoe

  • Specification BMW StandardCore
    Consulting and specification of parts of the NextGeneration BMW StandardCore (standard software for all ECUs).
    • Review and analysis of requirement specifications.
    • Specification of future StandardCore software modules.
    • Consulting with specification of the AUTOSAR operating system.

  • Reference implementation of an OSEKtime-kernel
    Participation in OSEKtime working group, co-author of the specification.
    Design and implementation of a time-triggered real-time operating system for safety-critical drive-by-wire/X-by-wire systems.
    Hardware: MPC555, MPC565, ARM, FlexRay, Lauterbach
    Software: C (DiabData, gcc), Assembly, Java, Perl

  • OSEK kernel development and ports for various microcontrollers
    Participation in OSEK/VDX working group, co-author of the specification.
    OSEK kernel development, design and implementation of kernel ports to various microcontrollers.
    Hardware: C16X/ST10, Tricore, PowerPC (MPC5XX), Fujitsu 16Bit, x86, various debuggers/emulators
    Software: C (Tasking, GNU, DiabData, SoftTune, VisualC++), Assembly, Java, Perl

  • Development of an optimizing C compiler
    Design and implementation of an optimizing C compiler including assembler and linker for various CPU architectures and special support for embedded systems, as well as static analysis (stack analysis,MISRA).
    Hardware: 68k, Coldfire, Alpha, C16X/ST10, HC12/Star12, x86/IA32, PowerPC, various debuggers/emulators
    Software: C, Assembly

  • Teaching at the University of Erlangen
    Various lectures, for example about Java and compiler writing.

  • LIN generation tool + LIN driver
    Design and implementation of a tool for generation of efficient code for LIN nodes from a central LIN database,
    as well as modifications to the LIN driver.
    Hardware: HC12
    Software: C (Cosmic, Hiware/Metrowerks)

  • Tornado-for-Automotive WindView instrumentation/DebugAgent/BSP
    Design and implementation of a minimized DebugAgent and BSP, as well as of an efficient kernel instrumentation for very small embedded systems under Tornado-for-Automotive. Design of a flexible and efficient communication protocol to the WindView visualisation software (from WindRiver VxWorks).
    Hardware: Windows NT (Host), C16X/ST10 (Target), RS232, CAN
    Software: C++ (Microsoft Visual C++), C (Tasking), Assembly, Java

  • Kernel development BMW StandardCore
    Adaption/development of the C16X/ST10 OSEK kernel in the BMW StandardCore software platform. Integration of CAN drivers and Flash-/EEPROM-Routines.
    Hardware: C16X/ST10
    Software: C (Tasking), Assembly, Java